Monday, August 2, 2010

It All Starts Today

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Today is the first official day of our 2010/2011 homeschool year.  We never really ended our 2009/2010 school year since we have been schooling off and on all summer, but I have decided to make today the official beginning of the new school year.  And with that beginning, comes this new blog.  I want to do a better job of recording all we do in our homeschool.  This will be my place to journal our successes and our failures, and hopefully it will also be a photographic journal of the projects we do, field trips we take, and just the every day journey of school and life.


  1. Hope you're all having a great day! Welcome back to school! :)

  2. Happy First Day of School! We are starting next Monday! Ahhhhh, the beginning of school means fresh beginnings, new books, structure, and lots of new learning! I hope y'all have a great, fantastic, wonderful year! And I am thrilled the last year brought us together as friends!

  3. Hope this school year will be full of fun and learning. Good on you for starting a separate blog for your homeschool news! I just shove it all on one... I find it enough work LOL!
    I'll definitely be following you.

  4. We started today too -- which is why I'm just now reading this! Can't wait to see more...